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ark_gradient1.jpgThe launch date for the capital campaign is January, 2015 with the goal of raising $1,000,000 to build an 8,000 square foot Ark-shaped building. In addition, some beautifully designed and manicured gardens will grace the entrance to the Ark and welcome families into the Ark. The Ark will include two Family Visitation Centers, a large Educational Training room, a two-story lobby with live animals, at least 15 family support rooms (including play therapy rooms), decks, outdoor benches, a playground, and many other spaces for families to meet. Donors will have the opportunity to sponsor Family Legacy Rooms, look below for information about sponsoring a room.

The Ark Board members are committed to debt-free capital projects. Thus, we will not begin construction until all funding is secured. In other words, not one cent of contributions will go toward interest payments on debt. It is our hope that funds for The Ark will be raised no later than 2018, with a grand opening to follow.

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Sponsoring a Family Legacy Room

An important aspect of The Ark Family Preservation Center is the option for major donors to sponsor a Family Legacy Room. For those families who desire to tell their history, the family’s story will be composed by a professional writer and displayed in the sponsored Family Legacy Room. Inside The Ark, families coming for therapy will see artistically arranged photographs, heirlooms, and story-boards in these 'Family Legacy Rooms.' Visually and subconsciously, the decor communicates the simple truth that other families have also had challenges, but worked hard to overcome them. Hopefully, experiencing and sharing life in a family legacy room will inspire a shattered family to come together and heal despite their obstacles.

The family story is not told to flaunt success or wealth, but rather to connect with other struggling families. The story will show that all human beings are susceptible to tragedy and vulnerable to brokenness. The family story will show that others care about people in their times of need and that love heals and binds families together.

The environment of the building, its landscaping, its sidewalks and playground, are all designed to help sustain the mission of The Ark. Improving The Ark’s outdoor recreation facilities will provide children and families an active and safe mode of play and will help families learn to play together. As construction funds become available, plans include the building of sidewalks, playground, gardens, walking trails, and a “petting zoo.”

The Ark Family Preservation Center
Family Legacy Rooms: Donor Options

(Includes family name, pictures, and legacy story)

Family Legacy Rooms Cost of Construction/ Furnishings Number of Rooms/ Suites Pledges/ Donations to Date Approximate Cost
Conference/Training Room $100,000 1 0 of 1 $100,000
Lobby $100,000 1 0 of 1 $100,000
Family Visitation Suite (kitchen/dining/living room/playroom) $60,000 2 1 of 2 $120,000
Staff training room with kitchen $50,000 1 0 of 1 $50,000
Reception Office $40,000 1 0 of 1 $40,000
Family Support Rooms $25,000 15 2 of 15 $375,000
Subtotal       $785,000


Donor Options for Additional Spaces

Spaces Cost of Construction/ Furnishings Number Needed Pledges/ Donations Approximate Cost
Landscaping/ irrigation $20,000 1 0 of 1 $20,000
Clinkenbeard Gardens/Raised beds $20,000 1 partially funded $20,000
Deck/Patios $10,000 2 0 of 2 $20,000
Restrooms $5,000 7 0 of 7 $35,000
Total Estimate for The Ark building, gardens, decks, landscaping       $880,000
Artist rendering of The Clinkenbeard Garden at The Ark Family Preservation Center.

Artist rendering of The Clinkenbeard Garden at The Ark Family Preservation Center.


Note: In addition to the above Family Legacy Donor Options (with family names),
donations of all sizes will be honored with names on bricks in the gardens and sidewalks.

Total square footage for The Ark: ~ 8,125 sq. ft.
[1st floor (125’ x 45’) = 5,625 sq. ft. + 2nd floor (100’ x 32’) = 2,500 sq. ft.]

Total estimate to build The Ark (building, elevator, miscellaneous spaces): $1,000,000
(Additional cost for roads, parking, utilities, land preparation, architect designs, etc. ~$300,000)


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