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The Ark’s team is comprised of experienced, dedicated professionals who are well-trained in interactive parenting skills and will be part of every supervised family visit. The therapists model good family values of generosity, fairness, forgiveness, and loving interactions. Through modalities of modeling and direct training, families will learn better communication skills, effective discipline techniques, and the components that make for good family life.


Beverly J. Oxley, Ph.D., RPT-S

Founder and CEO of the Ark

Is a Georgia Licensed Psychologist and a Registered Play Therapist, Supervisor with 43 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and families. Previous experience includes 16 years as a special education teacher specializing in learning and behavioral disorders, 17 years as a school psychologist, 10 years as a professor of education and psychology at Emmanuel College, and opened up a private practice in 2003, working primarily with children, adolescents, and families.

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Beverly Oxley is The Ark’s Founder and Director, and a Family Therapist.

Beverly Oxley is an ardent defender of the powerless and the young. Although she has retired twice from stimulating careers in psychology and education, her dedication for helping those in need will likely keep her in the workplace for many more years. It’s that commitment that motivated her to open up Wellsprings Psychological Resources in 2009 and it’s that zeal that is driving the founding of The Ark, a place where shattered families can become whole again.

Dr. Oxley’s heroine is her maternal grandmother (“Grandma Clink”) who lived to be 97, sharing her flowers, home-made jams, and organic vegetables with her neighbors, the homeless, and her extended family. Grandma Clink unashamedly showed loving kindness to people of all walks of life.

A radical passion for sharing life and her faith with people has taken Dr. Oxley around the globe, leading numerous mission trips with her husband Paul into East Africa, but also for cross-cultural training in psychology/ counseling in Eastern Europe (Ukraine and Romania) and in Asian countries (Malaysia and Singapore). If you want to see her become animated and her eyes light up, ask her about her grandchildren. She has two of her own and several others she has “adopted” over the years. If a child wants a “Gigi,” she is the first in line to volunteer!

Terry Morris, M.S., LPC

Family Therapist

Is a Georgia Licensed Practical Counselor with over 20 years of clinical experience specializing in anger management, addiction, teenage behavioral problems, depression and anxiety disorders, as well as communication issues between couples and families. Terry is a member of the Georgia Licensed Practical Counselor Association, and the National Anger Management Association. Prior to coming to Wellsprings, Terry was co-facilitator of group therapy at an adolescent psychiatric hospital in Ohio, where he also facilitated groups in anger management, self-esteem, problem solving, and conflict resolution.

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Terry Morris is a Family Therapist and a leader of Parenting Classes, Anger Management Classes, and other support groups.

Although perfection on earth is not an achievable goal, Terry is always striving for excellence. Terry believes there is profit in all work, just not always monetary gain. He believes you cannot put a price tag on the faces of children when parents work out their differences, or when adults overcome addictions, or when an angry teen is able to discover his own self-worth. Terry read a quote in his freshman year of college that reshaped his life, written by a Korean pastor, 'The Good is the eternal enemy of the Best, and the best always involves helping others transform their lives.’

"My philosophy of life is "Make a Difference." This has been burning in my heart even more since May 31, 2014 when I died for one minute. I suffered a major heart attack. My recovery was called "amazing" by my heart doctor. I believe I was spared to help make a difference in more lives. This is the vision of the Ark, to make a difference in families, in the lives of moms, dads, and children. To provide hope where little hope is seen; to help build stronger families, and strong families build strong communities."

Terry enjoys spending time with his wife, kids, and 5 granddaughters. Terry and his wife also love to travel and almost always drive because ‘getting there’ is as much fun as ‘being there’. Terry also likes to mark each of his major birthdays by pushing his limits and achieving some task. Usually it’s climbing a wall, or completing a ropes course, but he will soon mark his birthday with his first kayaking trip!

Liz Gilchrest, M.A., LMSW

Family Therapist and Grant Writer

Is a Licensed Master Social Worker and a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and the American Clinical Social Work Association.  She works with families, leads support groups, and writes grant proposals to raise funds to support various projects of The Ark. Liz graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Master’s degree in Social Work and works with children, adolescents, and families with a wide range of clinical concerns.  Liz earned a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Civil/Environmental Engineering from the University of Maryland prior to her change in careers into the helping profession.

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liz-and-daughter-emily.jpgLiz Gilchrest is a Family Therapist, Support Group Therapist, and The Ark’s Grant Writer.

Liz changed careers from water resources engineer to therapist because of her passion for people. Both professions are challenging and require problem solving skills, but her work as an engineer was much more black and white compared to her work with families - which is largely time spent "in the gray." Liz is somewhat of a hybrid. She enjoys math and physics, but also loves all opportunities to use creativity including painting, writing, and playing music. She has run seven marathons and played basketball at the University of Maryland. In general, Liz thrives when facing challenges. Liz believes that children thrive when love, respect, and healthy boundaries are modeled for them in their home. The family unit is the critical foundation for which children learn to communicate their needs and get their needs met - physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. Liz enjoys her work at the Ark, serving and helping people find hope amidst difficult circumstances. She is passionate about encouraging others along their journey towards healing and wellness.

Liz enjoys spending time with her husband, Allen, and their daughter, Emily. She enjoys sharing life with friends, playing guitar, long distance running, hiking, snorkeling, sailing, playing basketball, and learning.

Sven Legg-Grady, M.Ed/Ed.S Candidate


Is completing his internship for the Master of Education/Education Specialist degree in the Mental Health Counseling track from the University of Florida. He is experienced in play therapy, spiritual issues, equine therapy (with horses) and career planning. He has worked in a special education public school serving students with special needs from the ages of 5 to 21. Past achievements include: Eagle Scout Award and the Gen. Billy Mitchell Award from the Civil Air Patrol. He holds memberships in the American Counseling Association (ACA), the American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA), and Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK).

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Sven Legg-Grady is a Family Therapist, Support Group Therapist, and The Ark’s Media Specialist/Designer.

Sven is inspired by courageous people from all walks of life who are unafraid of finding out how to love better, live healthier, and laugh more. His hero is Captain America because he’s been abused, bullied, shot down, frozen, knocked out of time, vilified, and misunderstood, but he always gets back up to shield the innocent. When Sven hears from a child who has been abused or neglected, he feels a surge of sorrow and anger. Sven labors to understand their experiences and accept every emotion they have felt in response to their situations. Sven strives to prove to them that there are helpful people who will love them and provide what good things they can. He wants to join parents in practicing ways to guide and enjoy time with their children. Sven wants to meet survivors and join their healing process as a trustworthy ally. Sven believes the Ark is a meeting place to help families keep their heads above water, and he is proud to be a part of this movement.

Sven enjoys traveling with his wife, visiting his brothers, playing Frisbee with his dog, hiking through Georgia's state parks and waterfalls, listening to music, and reading lots of books. Sven wore dreadlocks for several years and they are still his favorite hairstyle. But nowadays, he tends to enjoy a more clean-cut look.