Founder’s Vision for The Ark Family Preservation Center



Dr. Beverly Oxley

What goes on behind closed doors in many homes is mind-numbing.  For several generations we have been sowing seeds of self-destruction in our children.  Some observers say that we are now living in a “culture of death” where self-harm, violence, addictions of all kinds, child abuse, and suicides, no longer shock us.  Rising numbers of grandparents raising children and fatherless homes are indicators of American families in crisis.  And, it’s happening in the best of families and the worst of families.  Few families are exempt.

In 2009 Wellsprings Psychological Resources was established as a privately funded counseling center in rural northeast Georgia to address the emotional, social, and spiritual needs of our children and families.  Over time, Wellsprings has earned a reputation for its high quality, effective therapeutic services rendered by its well-trained professionals.

The need for affordable family services in northeast Georgia has surpassed the current resources available, as Wellsprings is inundated with new referrals on a weekly basis.  Families who have been fractured due to trauma and hardship need a safe family visitation environment, conducive to learning effective parenting skills, forming healthy bonds among family members, and establishing new family communication patterns.  Training for parenting skills, anger management, money management, and other skills are crucial for the success of families recovering from poor decisions, inadequate skills, and generational cycles of abuse and violence.

A nonprofit facility to offer services at little to no cost to address these issues is essential.  Because we strongly believe the family is worth preserving, we established “The Ark Family Preservation Center.”  The Ark seeks to provide evidence-based, practical training and education to parents in conjunction with therapeutic interventions to heal, equip, and empower families.

The Ark received its 501(c)3 status in January, 2014, and has been providing interactive parent training, parenting classes, and other support classes to families on a limited basis.  The results have been excellent.  The home-like atmosphere is conducive for family visits and family therapy at The Ark.  In the sessions, caring therapists model the values that make families harmonious and healthy.  Our goal is helping families to begin functioning as a loving, cohesive unit – a family no longer at war, but one where peace reigns. 

We hope you’ll consider helping us in this vitally important work.  The Ark Board of Directors has stepped out in faith to raise $1,000,000 to build an 8,000 square foot “Ark” that can house the services that families in northeast Georgia desperately need.  We will continue to keep you updated on all of our exciting progress at The Ark.  Please visit this website often!

Thank you again for your interest in The Ark Family Preservation Center and its mission to heal, equip, and empower families.

With gratitude,
Beverly J. Oxley, Ph.D.
Founder and Executive Director