Commitment to Sustainability


Responsibility for preserving the integrity of the mission of The Ark and the proper handling of funds is critical to the success of The Ark Family Preservation Center. To that end, the governing Board is committed to making prudent decisions for a healthy future.


A building generating sustainable income

With a permanent multi-purpose building in place, The Ark is able to sustain the cornerstone services that it is intended for: interactive parent training, various educational classes, and ongoing therapeutic support groups. In addition to billable services through insurance, funding will be secured by annual fund-raising events, contracts with state agencies, grants, private and corporate donations.

The second floor of the proposed building will include several office spaces, which will be available for rent by organizations sharing similar values. The generated monthly rent would help support the cost of the operations of The Ark.


An organization with sustainable accountability

A wide spectrum of experts in various fields comprises the Advisory Board, who use their expertise in guiding the Board when making plans for the future or contemplating important matters.

The founder of The Ark envisions additional services and facilities being added to this organization over time as funds become available. Such future plans may include:


An organization with a sustainable mission

In carrying out its mission the Ark is committed to providing evidence-based, practical training, education, as well as therapeutic interventions for both parents and children. The Ark's future development of programs will focus on providing opportunities to improve family functioning and effective communication.

The mission of The Ark is unlike many other family-centered organizations in its incorporation of positive values and a spiritual component in its services. For those who desire it, prayer and a Christian perspective on the family is offered. The Ark's leadership and staff are committed to exemplifying a message of hope for family spiritual growth in its life-changing decisions.